Spurs Give 50/50 Raffle Terms and Conditions

1. Description of Raffle. By participating in the Spurs Give 50/50 Raffle benefitting Spurs Give (the “Raffle”), each participant (“Entrant”) is subject to, and agrees to be bound by, these Terms and Conditions, the decisions of San Antonio Spurs, L.L.C. (“SSE”), Community Arena Management, Ltd. (“CAM”), SA FC, L.L.C.(“SAFC”), SA FC Management, L.L.C. (“SAFCM”), and Spurs Give, Inc. (“Spurs Give”), which shall be binding and final as to all matters related to the Raffle. The Raffle is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, and is void where prohibited. Some restrictions may apply. The Raffle is a fundraising tool to support the charitable efforts of Spurs Give,” and by participating in the Raffle, Entrants acknowledge, understand, and agree that their participation in the Raffle is voluntary and motivated by their desire to make a charitable donation to Spurs Give” and not for personal financial gain. Spurs Give” encourages Entrants to participate in the Raffle responsibly. Winning ticket numbers will be posted at https://spursgive.org/5050-raffle/ following the Game (defined below).

2. Eligibility. Only legal residents of the United States who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the commencement of each Raffle are eligible to participate in the Raffle, subject to the Terms and Conditions . Spurs Give has the right to request photo identification from any person desiring to enter the Raffle. Employees and their immediate family members (spouses, parents, siblings or children) of SSE, SAFC, SAFCM, Spurs Give, LAZ Parking Ltd., LLC, Aramark Corp., Levy Restaurants, Inc., the National Basketball Association (the “NBA”) and its member teams, NBA Properties, Inc., the United Soccer League and its member teams (“USL”), Bump Worldwide, Inc., or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, partners, officers, governors, employees, or agents, or anyone who works directly with the Raffle or any related party are not eligible to enter the Raffle .

3. How to Enter. Raffle tickets (the “Tickets”) will be available for purchase in-person at the Frost Bank Center and/or Toyota Field in San Antonio, Texas (each an “Arena”) during each San Antonio Spurs and SAFC home game respectively (each, a “Game”), from the time the doors open to the public until the end of the third quarter (of San Antonio Spurs Games) or end of halftime (of SAFC Games) (“Raffle Period”) and/or via eCommerce methods at spurs5050.com (website or Team App) at each San Antonio Spurs home game, and sanantoniofc5050.com (website or Team App) at each San Antonio FC home game . There is no limit to the number of Raffle Tickets an eligible individual may purchase or that may be sold during each Raffle Period. Raffle Tickets that are or appear to be tampered with are void. Spurs Give shall be the sole judge of the validity and eligibility of all Raffle Tickets. Entrants may enter the Raffle by purchasing Tickets from designated Spurs Give representatives stationed throughout the Arena during the Raffle Period at the following prices: five (5) Tickets for ten dollars ($10.00), twenty (20) Tickets for twenty dollars ($20.00), eighty (80) Tickets for forty dollars ($40.00), or two hundred fifty (250) Tickets for one hundred dollars ($100.00). Entrants may also enter the Raffle by purchasing Tickets from spurs5050.com at San Antonio Spurs home games during the Raffle period at the following prices: twenty five (25) tickets for 25 dollars ($25.00), one hundred (100) tickets for fifty dollars ($50.00), two hundred (200) tickets for seventy five dollars ($75.00), and four hundred (400) tickets for one hundred dollars ($100.00). Entrants may also enter the Raffle by purchasing Tickets from sanantoniofc5050.com at SAFC home games during the Raffle period at the following prices: three (3) tickets for 5 dollars ($5.00), forty (40) tickets for twenty dollars ($20.00), one hundred sixty (160) tickets for thirty dollars ($30.00), and three hundred (300) tickets for fifty ($50.00). No other discounts or complimentary Tickets will be provided. Each ticket is a receipt for Entrant’s purchase and represents an entry for the Raffle for that Game and is not eligible for any past or future drawings. There is no limit to the number of Tickets an Entrant may purchase. All ticket purchases are final—no refunds or replacements will be issued. Ticket pricing subject to change at Spurs Give’s sole discretion.

4. Prize. Each Winner will receive a prize equal to fifty percent (50%) of the jackpot for that drawing (“Prize”). Fifty percent (50%) of the jackpot will benefit Spurs Give, and the program(s) Spurs Give supports in its sole discretion. Spurs Give offers youth sports programs and youth-led service programs with the goal of teaching essential character traits and positive values through teamwork and competition. For more information on the programs offered by Spurs Give and ways to get involved, please visit: https://spursgive.org/programs/

5. Selection of Winner. During the fourth (4th) quarter, third (3rd) period, or second (2nd) half of the Game, Spurs Give—by electronic means—will randomly draw one (1) raffle ticket (the “Winning Ticket”) from a pool of all eligible tickets sold. The Winning Ticket will be announced during the fourth (4th) quarter, third (3rd) period, or second (2nd) half inside the Frost Bank Center or Toyota Field, as applicable on select video boards and television monitors, live announcement via the public-address system, and listed on www.spursgive.org/5050-raffle/ following each Game . Spurs Give’s drawing shall be final and binding and no alternative will be selected. Entrant possessing the winning Ticket must email [email protected] for instructions on how and where to claim their Prize. Photographs, copies, or other reproductions of the Winning Ticket will not be accepted. The Prize claimant (“Claimant”) must provide Spurs Give with all information required to claim the Prize (Winning Ticket, proof of identification, Social Security Number, etc.). The Claimant will receive an Eligibility and Release Form, Form W-2G, and certain other required documents (collectively “Claim Documents”), to be determined at the sole discretion of Spurs Give, which must be executed and returned to Spurs Give. In the event Claimant: (a) fails to notify Spurs Give of a claimed Winning Ticket within seven (7) business days of the applicable drawing; (b) is ruled ineligible for any reason; (c) refuses the Prize; or (d) does not return executed Claim Documents within seven (7) business days of the Raffle Drawing, the Prize will be forfeited and retained by Spurs Give. Spurs Give has no obligation to contact potential winners. Upon proper presentation and verification of the claimed Winning Ticket, verification of eligibility and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, and execution of Claim Documents, satisfaction of which is to be determined in the sole discretion of Spurs Give, the Claimant shall be declared the winner via check within forty five (45) days of the Claimant delivering the Winning Ticket and executed Claim Documents in accordance with the procedures listed herein. For security and safety reasons, no cash payments will be made to the winning Claimant. It is the responsibility of the entrant to maintain possession of their 50/50 ticket. If the ticket is lost, Spurs Give is of no obligation to replicate or reimburse the entrant for the ticket.

6. Raffle Tickets are Not Tax Deductible. According to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), amounts paid for chances to participate in raffles, lotteries, or similar programs are not gifts and—therefore—the price paid for a Raffle Ticket is not a qualifying deductible charitable contribution for personal income tax purposes.

7. Taxes. Each winning Entrant (“Winner”) shall be responsible for any and all travel, costs, federal, state and local income or excise taxes, fees, assessments and like charges associated with the Prize. Federal law may require a tax withholding on certain Prize values by Spurs Give from the Prize prior to award and distribution. Federal and state withholding laws are subject to

change without notice. The award of the Prize will be subject to the withholding laws in effect at the time each Prize is claimed.

8. Odds. The odds of a specific Raffle Ticket being the winning Raffle Ticket depend upon the total number of Raffle Tickets purchased for each individual drawing at each Game.

9. Transfer of Raffle Tickets or Prize. Eligible Entrants who purchase Raffle Tickets may opt to give away their Raffle Ticket(s) to other eligible individuals, but in doing so the purchaser waives any and all claims he/she might otherwise have to the Prize. Purchasers of Raffle Tickets may not re-sell their Raffle Ticket(s) to other parties, and may not knowingly give Raffle Tickets away to others for the purpose of allowing those parties to re-sell such Raffle Tickets. All Raffle Tickets which have been resold in violation of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed void. All individuals who re-sell, purchase, or receive Raffle Tickets in violation of these Terms and Conditions will be ineligible to participate in the Raffle or to win a Prize. A winning Claimant may transfer his/her Prize to a third party provided: (i) the transferee would have otherwise been considered an eligible Entrant under these Terms and Conditions; (ii) the transferee shall be responsible for all taxes and costs described in these Terms and Conditions; and (iii) the transferee shall be bound by all terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions that are applicable to a winning Claimant.

10. Disclaimer. Spurs Give, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process, any drawing, or who is otherwise in violation of these Terms and Conditions. Spurs Give further reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the Raffle for any reason including—but not limited to—any Raffle that is not capable of completion as planned, infection by tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical failure of any sort, fraud, or act of God. Spurs Give further reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

11. Release of Liability. By entering into the Raffle, each Entrant agrees to (i) be bound by these Terms and Conditions and (b) INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS SAN ANTONIO SPURS, L.L.C., SA FC, L.L.C., SA FC MANAGEMENT, L.L.C., COMMUNITY ARENA MANGEMENT, LTD., Spurs Give, INC., BEXAR COUNTY, AND SABC SOCCER PFC (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any and all liability with respect to any injury, damage or loss that may occur, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from participation in the Raffle, or from any travel or activity related to the receipt or use of any Prize.

12. Publicity Release. Each Entrant grants to the Released Parties, with no obligation to compensate such Entrant or any other person in any way, the right at any time to publish, reproduce, modify, display, distribute, license or otherwise use, commercially or otherwise (including in connection with any publicity, marketing, or promotion), in any media now existing or later developed, Entrant’s name and any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or other record of Entrant (each, a “Likeness”). Entrant’s Likeness may be modified, copied, and/or distributed by means of various media, including—but not limited to—the Frost Bank Center and Toyota Field Arena Scoreboard(s), news bulletins, mail outs, television, media broadcasts, billboards, signs, brochures, placement on the Internet or other electronic delivery, or publication. Entrant waives any right to inspect or improve the finished product, or any material in which the Released Parties will eventually use Entrant’s likeness. Further, Entrant’s involvement in the Raffle may be captured on media and used by third parties, and the Released Parties shall have no control over (and shall have no obligation to control) the use of Entrant’s likeness by any such third parties.

13. GOVERNING LAW, SEVERABILITY. The Raffle and these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. The venue for any cause of action arising out of the Raffle or these Terms and Conditions shall be located in Bexar County, Texas. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds that any provision of these Terms and Conditions, or their application to particular persons or circumstances, is invalid or unenforceable to any extent, then the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall remain enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.